The perfect home starts from the ground up. That’s why your floors, which are the largest and most used feature of any living space, require an abundance of care.

Whether inside your home or outside in the backyard and on the patio, floors must be strong enough to withstand sunlight, spills, high impact, and heavy weight—while maintaining an attractive appearance!

On this episode of Inside the Blueprint, we’re working with Penntek Industrial Coatings to showcase why it’s important to make sure your home is run on solid, durable, and versatile flooring.

Since 2010, Penntek Industrial Coatings has been an industry leader in residential, commercial, and industrial floor coatings. Penntek offers both durability and stylish appeal, and ensures most flooring projects are completed in just one day.

Watch along as Penntek installs brand new patio and garage flooring inside a sunny South Florida home.