On this episode of Inside the Blueprint, we’re discussing indoor and outdoor innovations in residential and commercial building.

Making buildings greener is a top priority. That’s why we’re traveling to Michigan City, Indiana, to learn more about how Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is innovating HVAC technology to increase energy efficiency.

The perfect home starts from the ground up. That’s why your floors, which are the largest and most used feature of any living space, require an abundance of care. We’re working with Penntek Industrial Coatings to showcase why it’s important to make sure your home is run on solid, durable, and versatile flooring.

Next, we’re learning about one of Owens Corning’s newest innovations: RhinoMat. Changing the game for residential and industrial construction projects, RhinoMat is a material that’s used for both above and below ground applications involving water containment and retention applications.

Then, we explore an efficient way for construction companies to increase bids and boost sales. Join us as we travel to Houston to explore how On Center Software is revolutionizing the crowded and competitive bidding field with its laser-fast, computer-aided estimating and takeoff.